Workshop "Perspective Functional Nanomaterials" on the subject "Organometallic Photoactive Nanomaterials"

May, 25-27, 2016
Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Peterhof, Faculty of Physics, Ulyanovskaya, 1

Workshop  "Perspective functional nanomaterials" 2016 will spotlight the discussion of results of latest researches and possible scopes of photoactive materials on a basis organometallic compounds,  also in a catalysis and in a photocatalysis, in area conversion and a storage of solar energy, separation of gas mixtures, in creation of composite multifunctional materials. That will be a proper base  for discussing interdisciplinary scientific tasks.


Laboratory of Superconductive Metamaterials (SPbSU)

This laboratory was established as part of a scientific research project supported with a monetary grant awarded by the Government of the Russian Federation under a grant competition designed to provide governmental support to scientific research projects implemented under the supervision of the world's leading scientists at Russian institutions of higher learning (Resolution of the RF Government No.220 of April 9, 2010).

Head of the Laboratory

Prof. Detlef Werner Bahnemann (Leibniz University Hannover)

Aims and purposes of the workshop

  • discussion of topical problems related to photoactive nanomaterials based on organometallic;
  • define the vector of development of photoactive nanomaterials and the creation of new interdisciplinary teams that can effectively solve tasks.

Target audience

  • young scientists and specialists working in the field of chemistry and physics; 
  • leading scientists of the Russian Federation engaged in research in this area.

The scientific program of the workshop includes:

  • presentation of the laboratory the initiator of the meeting;
  • scientific reports on the topic;
  • two research-application session;
  • presentation of specialized industrial companies;
  • round table on research and applied topics and discussing important issues related to the creation of photoactive nanomaterials with desired properties on the basis of organometallic skeletons structures.

The intended result

Study of photocatalytic properties of organometallic skeletons structures in the international scientific society has started only a few years ago and even now there are prerequisites to the fact that over time they will successfully replace the classic photocatalysts. Therefore, the development of these topics is relevant and promising from the point of view of further transfer and transformation of basic research in the applied area. As a result of the workshop is planned to identify and formulate relevant problems in the field of photocatalysis, to produce the vector of their decisions and to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between scholars, as well as the creation of new interdisciplinary teams, under the guidance of leading scientists of the country, able to solve topical interdisciplinary problems related to photoactive nanomaterials.