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Big Idea Challenge 2.0 interdisciplinary research competition

Another example of supporting interdisciplinary research is the experience of Purdue University's Discovery Park. In the spring of 2019, the University hosted the final of the Big Idea Challenge 2.0 competition, the winners of which received initial funding for their projects aimed at solving global problems.

Here is a list of Big Idea Challenge 2.0 winning projects that will receive funding:

• “From cell cultures to community cultures: providing accurate health for autism,” Bridget Tonsen, College of Health and Humanities.
• “A revolution in the development and production of new generation biologics”, Rainer Fisher, College of Science.
• “Solving the problems previously reserved for quantum computing using Purdue P-bits and how these future computing capabilities will affect security, politics, and society at large,” Jörg Appenseller, Technical College.

Within two months, Discovery Park received 41 applications from 280 participants from Purdue, representing 11 colleges and 57 departments. The projects were interdisciplinary and thematically coordinated in four main research areas: global sustainability, global health, global security and defense innovations, and digital / quantum / nano development.