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Interdisciplinary School established in London

"For those who want to shape the world, not just fit in", - is the School slogan.

The LIS team are a unique combination of leading academics; entrepreneurs who have built transformational businesses; and educationalists who have deep expertise in the science of learning, and experience of establishing new institutions.

An interdisciplinary course, built around real-world problems. Students deep dive on multiple disciplines and bring insights together in new and exciting ways to solve real-world problems.

Their interdisciplinary programme involves focused learning on a range of disciplines across the sciences, arts and design, technology, the social sciences, and the humanities. It’s important to not think in traditional ways when considering these subjects - the world is not divided up in this way, so neither is this programme.

This kind of interdisciplinary understanding helps students interact with and tackle real-world problems.

A new approach to real-world problems

During the time at LIS students investigate complex challenges such as childhood obesity, plastic pollution, genome editing, and knife crime. Whilst the course is structured around real-world problems, its core is centred on academic disciplines, a range of research methods, and interconnected mental models. A strong understanding of these allows students to graduate with the tools and skills you need for the rapidly changing future of work.

At LIS, they are dedicated to support and develop students by providing the tools and opportunities they need to enhance their employability. These services include internships, dedicated 1:1 professional development support, access to a range of professional development workshops, as well as opportunities to interact with employers and outside organisations through guest talks, site visits and networking events.

A lot of time at LIS happens outside the classroom. This is an opportunity to help craft a stand-out student experience not only for your own cohort but also for future cohorts. 

The school web-site https://www.londoninterdisciplinaryschool.org/